Friday, July 16, 2004

Howdy, gang, I'm o.k.

Just a little note to let those who use this blog to check on my welfare know that I am still alive.  I have just been extremely busy.  First with the Carnival ---- I can hardly believe the turnout ---- then Thursday I rolled to the hardware store and obtained fans and window screens enough to open every window, and I just got home from the first night of a conference with Fr. John Corapi.  Of course I had to re-learn submission to authority and offering up, since the paratransit driver was there to take me home long ahead of schedule, while Father was still in mid-teaching.  The way of all things, I guess.
More Father Corapi tomorrow, then Sunday at Mass, Legion of Mary, and serving at the Open Door Cafe, and then net control for the Public Service Net Sunday evening.  Then I would not be at all surprised if I crashed till noon Monday!
Hang in there, all!


CowPi said...

I have been watching Fr. John Corapi on EWTN for a couple months. He is practical and down to earth on his faith and spirituality. No holds barred when it comes to the teaching of the Church. I suspect that he is as dynamic in person as he appears on TV. I can't wait to read your reflections on his conference.

Anonymous said...

Love Fr. Corapi - what a treat to see him in person. Glad you're doing ok, you do worry me at times.