Saturday, October 29, 2005

A quick update (assuring my siblings I'm still alive!)

I've been very busy exercising my obedient submission muscles under the authority of my physical terrorists. The pressure bandages have been very successful in making my lower legs shrink to the size and proportion of real legs, with the steadily increasing exercise prescription --- five new ones were added on Thursday --- doing its share, along with all the time in bed with the feet up. They say that well before Thanksgiving I'll be able to be measured for Jobst Garments, which will be much more convenient than the bandages.

I finally have a rollator (a kind of 4-wheeled walker with a seat for when I run out of steam) and have been using it regularly, the PTs say that the more I use it, the better my endurance will get. I'm aimimg that by spring I'll be able to get from the house to the bus stop (or the grocery store on the other side of the block) with only one rest stop in between; that should free me up to wander in the pretty part of the year. If I had a camera I'd post a picture of the critter!

I also attended Dave Pawlak's wedding last weekend. Some of you may remember him from his retired blog Improvising. Please keep Dave and his dear Amy in your prayers.



Anonymous said...

Just a quick note so ya know you're still in my prayers! Glad to see you're holding your own. May God's grace continue to aid you in your perserverance. John

Mimi said...

Prayers continue for you, dear Karen, and many years to Dave and Amy!